LinC-Workshop 2018


5th LinC-Summer School and Workshop on SFL and Register & Context

September 3–September 7, 2018

The summer school will offer three courses, a poster session and one-on-one consultation time. All courses are suitable for professionals, students, and researchers who have an interest in learning more about Systemic Functional Linguistics and/or Register/Context. Open to all.

Our team of instructors includes:

Tom Bartlett, Cardiff University
John Bateman, Universität Bremen
Stefan Baumann, Universität Köln Stefan Baumann
Wendy Bowcher, Sun Yat-sen University Wendy Bowcher
Stefan Evert, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Lise Fontaine, Cardiff University
Elma Kerz, RWTH Aachen University
Stella Neumann, RWTH Aachen University
Mick O’Donnell, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Gerard O’Grady, Cardiff University
Erich Steiner, Universität des Saarlandes
Miriam Taverniers, Ghent University
Elke Teich, Universität des Saarlandes
Rebekah Wegener, RWTH Aachen University

Places on each course are limited.
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Tentative Programme Outline

Details and abstracts to follow soon.

Introduction to SFL

  • Introduction to SFL: Mood & Theme (Stella Neumann and Gerard O’Grady)
  • Introduction to SFL: Transitivity & Logico-semantic relations (Rebekah
  • Introduction to SFL: Analyses & Results in context (Rebekah Wegener and Stella Neumann)

Advanced SFL programme

Advanced SFL: Transitivity (Tom Bartlett)
Advanced SFL: The Nominal group in context (Lise Fontaine)
Advanced SFL: Architectures for linguistic models (Mick O’Donnell)

Special Interest workshopsMorning programme:

  • Intonation (Gerard O’Grady)
  • Prosody in Context (Stefan Baumann)

Afternoon programme:

  • Register and context (Stella Neumann)
  • Special Interest Topic TBC: (Elke Teich)
  • Register, Context and language learning (Elma Kerz)
  • Registerial variation and multimodality: concepts and methods (John Bateman)
  • Instantiation and the reach of context (Wendy Bowcher)
  • SFL architecture: context, semantics, and the notion of textual instantiation (Erich Steiner)
  • Special Interest Topic TBC: (Miriam Taverniers)
  • Statistics for register studies I (Stefan Evert)
  • Statistics for register studies II (Stefan Evert)

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