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M. A.

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Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Englischsprachige Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft mit dem Schwerpunkt Kognition


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PhD Project

"A Study of Embodied Metaphors, Environmental Cues, and Urban Rhythms as Triggers of Emotion in Psychogeographical Literary Moments in Contemporary British Novels” (working title)
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Jan Alber, RWTH Aachen, and Dr. Nicole Falkenhayner, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg

Research Interests

Contemporary British Fiction
Cognitive approaches to Literature and Culture
Urban Studies and Psychogeography
Urban Sociology
British Comedies
Philosophy of Mind
Empirical Literary Studies
Translation Theory

Academic C.V.

since 04/2017
Research and Teaching Assistant in the Chair of Cognitive Literary Studies, RWTH Aachen

09/2015 – 03/2017
Research Assistant at the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies

01/2015 – 03/2015
Research Assistant for the DFG-funded project FA 2153/1‐1 “CCTV beyond Surveillance”, Albert Ludwig University Freiburg

10/2013 – 09/2016
Master in English Literatures and Literary Studies, Albert Ludwig University Freiburg

10/2005 – 09/2006
Exchange programme (Philosophy and English Literature), Albert Ludwig University Freiburg

08/2003 – 07/2007
Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and English Literature), National University of Singapore


04/2018 "Narrative Space in Urban Studies and Psychogeographical Writings: A Proposed Study of (Embodied) Metaphors as Triggers of Recipient Emotions." 2018 International Conference in Narrative, McGill University, 19-22 April 2018.

03/2018 "Reader Situatedness and Embodied Spatial Experiences: Literary Psychogeographical Moments in Will Wiles’s The Care of Wooden Floors." You Are Here: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Place, Space, and Embodiment, Creighton University, 23-24 March 2018.

08/2017 "Walking/Reading. Experiencing Urban Spaces through Metaphors in Twenty-First-Century British Psychogeographical Novels." Summer Course in Narrative Study (SINS), Aarhus University, 30 July-04 August 2017.


​Seminar: British Drama (1945-Present) (WS 18/19)
Seminar/Übung: Applications of Periods of English and American Literature (WS 18/19)
Seminar: Space and Culture (SoSe 18)
Seminar/Übung: Practical Introduction to Literary Studies (SoSe 18)
Seminar: The Big House in Anglo-Irish Novels (WS 17/18)
Seminar: Representations of London in Contemporary British Literature (SoSe 17)


Alumni Award – Commission of the Philology Faculty, Albert Ludwig University Freiburg
For the MA thesis, "(T)Here is the City: Locating the Liminal London in Contemporary British Novels"

DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship Award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore
For the exchange programme (Philosophy and English Literature) at the Albert Ludwig University Freiburg